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Full Body Massage

Now enjoy the soft hands of our Masseuses, pressing against your body in a room filled with aroma and relaxing music to give you a sense of calm and relief. When the oil is rubbed all over your body, you will feel like you are flying high in the sky. The feeling is exotic and will give your body the rest it needs.

Body Massage

Our girls will show her talent by massaging your body, with aromatic oil which will revitalize your body when she moves her hands in a motion that will give you a pleasure like none other. This is where you will realize how stressed your body really was and you will feel a relief like none other. Once you get our massage therapy, you are sure to be a regular visitor to our spa.

Swedish Massage

In the world of Aromatic massage therapy, Swedish massage is considered to be a model quality. This is done by long strokes running through the veins, basically pushing the blood back to the heart. This way the Oxygen level in your body increases and helps your body restore itself. There are many ways for performing this form of therapeutic massage that is why active communication is encouraged.

Deep Tissue Massage

When we talk about Deep tissue massage, it is clear that the masseuse will have to apply significantly higher amounts of pressure to reach deep within the muscle. This form of massage is opted for chronic pains in the body. Almost 34,000 people have ranked Deep tissue massage as more effective and relieving. This form is mostly for Medical purposes only.

Hot Stone Massage

: A very engaging form of Massage where the masseuse will place hot smooth stones on specific parts of the body. The centralized heat will loosen your muscles and enable your masseuse to apply more pressure without causing any aches. It is described as comforting and deeply relaxing by our clients. This is easily one of the most opted massages in our spa.

Thai Massage

Thia girls are special for massage . Basically massages comes from invented in Thailand,

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