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Step :1

The initial step is to contact us through our calling number. Mean while, you can also physically visit our center to book your appointment. You need to share your all basic requirements to serve you in a better way.

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female to male massage in chennai

Step :2

As per your requirement, we will share with you the information about our professional massage girls. You can select them and share the same with us. You will get every required detail.

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erotic massage in chennai

Step :3

After that, you will get the appointment detail. We will fix your time and day. You will be required to come at the same time and date to avail of the service.

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happy ending spa in chennai

Step :4

After availing of our massage service in chennai you will require to make the payment. We will share with you the total amount of detail. You can make payments either through cash or online payment.

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Our Spa Services

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Massage therapy allows the body to regain its equilibrium and reach a state of complete tranquility while also helping to enhance general health. It aids in promoting blood circulation, easing tension and stress, boosting energy levels, and strengthening body muscles. We provide a calm environment so that individuals can unwind and revitalize their entire body.

The greatest and most relaxing atmosphere is available within the massage center, which is excellent for the body's relaxation. We offer young female to male full body massages in chennai that leave the recipient feeling good about their entire body and relaxed. Beat the stress and completely unwind in this entrancing, contemporary spa that sports a posh appearance. We shall give both the previous contributors and the new ones the royal treat.

Besides a full body massage, what else is available?

Because the world of beauty and body management continues to evolve, our spa and massage palour in Chennai is known to offer a comprehensive array of massage and spa services.


In Bangalore, female-to-male massage is what occupies most of the seats. Just because it is demanding doesn’t mean you should randomly go to any massage parlour and ask for female-to-male. Not everyone in Bangalore can offer you the best female-to-male massage, as it requires certain skills and facilities, which only a few massage centres like us can provide.

The female-to-male massage in Bangalore has maintained a very good reputation because of its quality and authenticity. We, at Massage in Bangalore, have over a thousand clients who avail our female-to-male body-to-body massage service every year. This is because we offer certified female therapists who are both sexy and have a humble attitude towards their clients. Recruiting and providing these girls takes a lot of effort and work, as we have to offer them a good salary and other facilities. The female-to-male body massage therapists are trained at the best massage institutes in Thailand and Hong Kong. Therefore, in Bangalore, you will get to experience one of the best moments as the girl fully dedicates herself to you. She will become your masseuse and massage your body. Personal pleasure is also available. What more could you want?

Thai Massage

At chennai's spa, pamper yourself to a soothing spa service.

Swedish Massage

The best Swedish massage therapists in chennai provide pain and stress relief. Massage with deep tissue

Hot Stone Massage

Body aches and pains could be treated naturally with hot stone massages.

Body to body Massage

During a therapeutic massage, a therapist would massage your entire body.

Happy Ending Massage

The happy ending massage can offer its clients the most incredible advantages.

Nuru Massage

We offer nuru massage in chennai all the amenities for them because several individuals prefer private rooms and unique settings for this treatment. Our primary goal is to create a welcoming environment where clients can enjoy their massage.

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Our Promise To You

At our Spa, we put all of our time and effort into making sure that every second you spend with us is absolutely flawless. We firmly anticipate that you would thoroughly enjoy your time with us and go feeling refreshed and reenergized.
Ready to tackle the upcoming day of your normal existence. You won't be as drained and worn out as when you initially arrived, so you won't feel the need to rush back to see us. More so because you had a good time, you want to go back right away and repeat everything. So do not delay and stop by..

chennai spas are more well-known for their sensual demands than for simple spa treatments.

Because you are treated like a royal or queen, a trip to a spa center in chennai is one you won't soon forget. You need someone to pamper you because of your demanding life and busy days. Visiting these day spa facilities contributes to having a fully sanitary body and a calm soul. In Banglore, you may obtain massages and spa treatments from female models. You are amazed by these measures' gentle and comforting touch the remainder of the day. A massage can help you sleep better and lose weight. After your massage, you are given a chair called a "cyber relax" that vibrates your entire body and leaves you feeling completely satisfied.

sensual massage in chennai
doorstep Massage Services

Book For Your Choice of body Massage Near You Right Away!

Traditional massage relieves stress, improves blood circulation, boosts vitality, and increases adaptability in its recipients.

Constipation, headaches, back, and neck discomfort are all alleviated by it. Both physical and mental concerns can be resolved by a skilled massage.

Now just stop searching for female to male body massage centers near me just come and experience the doorstep massage service in chennai and chennai's old healing secret from Thailand.

Full Body to Body Massage in chennai

We specialize in body-to-body massage therapy, which is purely a form of treatment to relieve weariness and improve blood circulation in the body.

Body2body massages are also referred to as body to body massages and are a highly physical kind of therapy. In addition to her hands, the massage therapist uses her entire unclothed body to stimulate the client during the full-body massage.

The therapist uses the feminine contours of her body while giving a complete body massage to provide a range of feelings. She will stimulate every part of the client's body using her breasts, thighs, stomach, feet, calves, and forearms at varied speeds and pressures.

The masseuse would make an effort to ensure that there is as much skin-to-skin contact as possible and might blow hot air onto the client's skin, adding to the treatment's sensual appeal.

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we are the best spa

Here Is Why We Are chennai's Best Spa:

  • We are proud of our work: At chennai, we take honor in keeping our clients happy. Our girls work hard to meet each consumer 's needs since they understand how vital our tasks are.
  • On demand intimate massage therapy is offered. We make sure that your physical, mental, and emotional needs are met.
  • Your requirements are heard by us. We consider client feedback to be important. As a result, we constantly listen, think, act, and enhance our services.
  • Our motto is "Your easing is our business," and our team is composed of highly skilled massage therapists who have a public image for making you feel relaxed.
  • The best location is here. We have one of chennai's loveliest and most comfy spa parlors. Your comfort is assured.
  • We provide excellent spa services at our office and on-call to any location in chennai. We are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Female To Male body massage

Because of the fact that both sexes can benefit from massage, the body receives a boost that relieves pain and fatigue. For all the females who desire an erotic massage, we have additionally introduced this service in order to make this possible. We have a list of skilled and qualified male massage therapists who can assist you during the entire massage procedure.

Let me now explain what an erotic female to male massage is.

The limits of eroticism and the height of the absurd are touched by the practice of male to female sensual massage. A skilled male masseur offers his complete services throughout that session and gives everything he has to do to satisfy and please his female clients. The masseuses will pay special attention to her erogenous zones, such as her breasts, pubis, and clitoris. He will massage these areas in a synchronised and distinctive way so that our client will remember her experience of an erotic massage at sutra massage and spa.

erotic massage in chennai
Chennai Male To Female Massage

chennai Male To Female Massage (TANTRIC MASSAGE)

  • The term "tantric massage" refers to a straightforward sensual or sexual massage. From head to toe, your entire body will be slowly stroked, teased, and caressed with heated oil in order to seductively thrill you with the most delicate erotic experience. You experience absolute sensual bliss as a result of the masseuse's smooth, gliding touch, which causes every part of your body to shiver with pleasure.
  • The usage of engaging components in this kind of massage might be encouraged, including keeping eye contact, breathing techniques, verbal conversation, sexually explicit massage, deep relaxation, and sacred spot massage. Tantric massage increases libido, conscious arousal, and a sense of closeness and closer bonding with both the self and others.
  • Without a doubt, a fantastic massage calms your entire body. It revitalizes you, giving you renewed vigor to get out there and do a greater job. We all need to receive a massage from trained professionals of this caliber. However, the majority of chennai residents seeking a female to female body massage travel to Goa or Bangkok instead. But what if we told you that you could have a top-notch female to male body massage right here in chennai? You did hear correctly. After every session, our girls know just where and how to touch to leave you feeling refreshed. They are very professional, well-mannered, and have plenty of experience.

Body To Body Massage Near Me

In chennai, are you searching for an opulent erotic massage? One of the top massage clinics close to the airport, Lotus Spa is renowned for providing unhurried services that will unwind your body and mind. If you're looking for the greatest body to body massage in chennai region, check out our Spa, which provides a range of massages tailored to each client's preferences. Our sensual massage is exclusively created to offer you the utmost in leisure and to make sure you have a pleasant experience.

Our sexual massage is sensually created with a special combination of therapies that considers the advantages for the body. Erotic massage is a type of physical massage that, like other massages, involves two or more naked people working together to increase or achieve sexual pleasure.It uses a variety of methods to improve romantic relationships and ultimately promotes mental and physical calm.

Erotic Massage With Female To Male Massage Spa In Chennai

Almost nothing compares to a female to male massage spa in Chennai. After having a stressed out day as a man, an erotic massage balances your mood and blood pressure as our trained masseuse handles your body with finesse and precision.

This kind of massage spa near me service reinvigorates not just your body, but also your mind. Depending on your desire, our female massage therapist in Chennai expresses a passionate and sensual method of massage on you.

With bare hands and a naked body immersed in soothing lubricant, you are in for more than a usual body massage experience. Our trained masseuse would touch certain points across your body, you would feel sexually aroused, elated and refreshed in your body.

What makes our massage spa in chennai the best?

At VIP body massage Spa, we are known for world class massage services in Chennai. We offer exquisite body to body massage spa near me services that gets you up and running, ready to conquer your world all over again and again.

Because we understand the integral therapeutic role that body massage could play in revitalizing vital body functions. At VIP body massage spa, we have dedicated our time to providing genuine spa and massage parlour near me services in Chennai.

Our A-list team of well-trained masseuse and customer service agents are poised to give you the best sexy massage treatment you could ever get from a spa palour in Chennai. You sure would feel your body come alive with an innate energy you never knew you had locked inside of you.

Client satisfaction is our fundamental principle.

At our spa, we make sure that security and sanitation standards are followed, and the massage rooms are rigorously cleansed and cleaned for all clients. All of our massage therapists have received professional training and use cutting-edge methods to give you a secure and relaxing experience.

We are one of chennai's busiest b2b massage centers, not merely because we make empty claims about being sincere in everything. We really believe that our name must be the first to come to anyone's thoughts when they think of massage in chennai. Everyone who works as a masseuse at our spa would treat you more like a friend than a client. chennai is a city where you can find body massages almost anywhere. However, you would come across us if you seek a B2B spa nearby. You would be at ease in our massage spa chennai because our parlor is hygienic and clean. You could read the testimonials left by our customers.

Benefits of Female to Male Body Massage Services

Benefits of Female to Male Body Massage Services

When you book a session with an experienced female-to-male body masseur, you're opening yourself up to a wealth of benefits. From improving your circulation to relieving tension headaches, a good body massage can do wonders for your well-being.

But that's just the start. Here are some of the other benefits you can expect from a quality message:

  • - Relief from stress and anxiety
  • - Improved joint mobility and flexibility
  • - Reduced inflammation and muscle soreness
  • - Enhanced sleep quality
  • - Increased productivity and creativity

Safety Considerations When Receiving a Female to Male Body Massage in Chennai

When looking for a female-to-male body massage in Chennai, it's essential to find a reputable spa that offers this service. It would be best if you kept a few things in mind when deciding, such as the staff's qualifications, the cleanliness of the facility, and whether or not the spa offers a private room for the massage.

It's also critical to be conscious of any possible risks. For example, some spas may use heated stones during the massage, which can cause burns if not appropriately placed.

Make sure to ask about any potential risks before you book your appointment.

Finally, don't be afraid to speak up if you're uncomfortable during the massage. The therapist should be able to adjust the pressure or make other changes to ensure you're comfortable and relaxed.

Female to Male Body Massage in Chennai


1 How often do i need to visit massage centres near me?

While a lot of spa in Chennai would give you a blanket response, we always say the answer is not straight-jacketed.

Engaging with our certified therapists and masseuse at VIP body massage spa Chennai could prove to be the best way to get an answer.

Depending on the evaluation of our certified masseuses in Chennai, the answer could be once a week or more.

2 Which Massage Type Is The Best

While you may have read from the Internet that one massage type is better off than the others, we at VIP body massage spa believes that each type of.massage is meant to spur a different kind of feeling.

Being the most prominent massage center near me in Chennai, we can assure you that each massage service that we offer is awesome. Whether you choose the erotic massage, nuru massage, or the female to male spa near me service, we are certain you would return home feeling much more alive.

While you may be confused as to which massage service in Chennai you should start with. Our knowledgeable team of best therapists in Chennai and customer service agents would be glad to help you make a decision.

3 What is your pricing like?

Compared to several other massage centers near me in Chennai, our spa in chennai offers about the best and most affordable prices in all of chennai area

4 What should i bring along when coming for a massage in chennai?

We basically encourage you to arrive at our state-of-the-art massage facility in Chennai some minutes before your session starts. This way you get to rel ax and condition your mind towards the massage near me happening soon.

5What should I do if I have a disability?

Having a disability is not an issue to a massage in the hands of a trained masseuse. All we request form you is to inform our trained masseuse before or at the start of the session.


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  • One Session
  • 1 TO 2 Hour Duration
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6000 To 10,000

  • Short Duration
  • One Session
  • 3 TO 4 Hour Duration
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15,000 To 25,000

  • Short Duration
  • One Session
  • 5 TO 8 Hour Duration
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  • The VIP spa is one of the top spas in your area which have special deals and packages available.
  • --Relaxing-- Vip Spa offers a welcoming and unwinding atmosphere. The service is excellent. I adore getting massages here, which I do around every six weeks.
  • Clean Environment --Suresh Jain The spa is hygienic and welcoming. I had a pedicure, facial, and massage. The staff was courteous, competent, and thorough. I definitely plan to return and therefore suggest this spa.
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